Personality Styles

If you've found that you mesh well with certain personality styles, but just can't seem to get along with others, DISC behavioral profiling may hold the answers. DISC testing holds that there are four basic behavioral styles: Dominant, Interactive, Steady and Compliant. Every individual has a dominant style, which colors his interactions with everyone he meets.

When two people have opposing or very different styles, they might not have the kind of instant rapport that compatible people share. For example, the characteristics of a Dominant personality include a tendency to be forthright and open with others. A Compliant person, on the other hand, is often indirect and closed-off, secretive or private. Thus, a Compliant personality might view a Dominant person as threatening or imposing, while a Dominant person might view a Compliant one as evasive and passive.

Bridging the Gap Between Disparate Personality Styles

Completing a DISC behavioral profile helps you understand exactly where you lie on the DISC spectrum. With the in-depth individual analysis you'll receive after completing one of these tests, you'll achieve a new level of self-understanding that will help you understand why it is that you don't get along as well with certain people as you do with others. You'll also have the tools to improve your ability to relate to just about anybody, which can foster greater professional and personal success.

The test consists of 30 simple questions and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. For a low, one-time cost, you'll receive a very detailed analysis prepared by a team of behavioral experts, as well as ongoing access to a wide range of other behavioral assessment services. DISC has changed many lives for the better--will yours be next?