Job Personality Tests

DISC job personality tests are a powerful tool for fostering more productive and harmonious workplace interaction. They're also ideal for anyone whose career success depends in large measure on networking, since the power they unleash gives subjects the deepened self-understanding required to get along with just about anyone. DISC personality tests are based on the work of famous psychologist Dr. William Marston, whose innovative research formed the basis of the theory that human beings display four dominant patterns of behavior: Dominant, Interactive, Steady and Compliant.

The job personality tests take as little as seven minutes to complete. However, they hold life-changing power. When a person understands his own behavioral type as well as the behavioral types of those around him, he gains the ability to shape his interactions with others in a manner that finds common ground. Instant rapport with just about anyone is often the end result.

Job Personality Tests that Bring Real-World Results

Every subject who takes a job personality test receives a highly detailed test analysis prepared by DISC experts, which averages over 20 pages in length. This report illustrates exactly where you fit on the DISC behavioral spectrum, which personality types you mesh with, which you clash with, and why. You'll also gain a strong understanding of how to find common ground with people whose personalities are markedly different than your own.

DISC personality tests consist of 30 simple questions and can also be focused on your social and family life in addition to your job. You can use them to improve the all-around quality of your relationships and gain a better understanding of yourself and the important people in your life. Take one today, and shape a more productive and rewarding tomorrow.