Employee Personality Assessment

If you're an employer searching for outside-the-box solutions to increased productivity and better teamwork, consider the merits of conducting an employee personality assessment. DISC personality assessment tests can help you understand the dominant behavior patterns of the people with whom you work. If you've ever wondered why certain people work better with others, or what you can do to help disparate personality types find common ground, you'll find answers here.

Every employee at your company--and every human being on the planet, for that matter--exhibits behavioral characteristics that are dominated by one of the fours DISC styles. They are Dominant, Interactive, Steady and Compliant. Each style has a different approach to interaction, and exhibits predictable, quantifiable behavioral habits which can be focused and shaped. When you complete an online assessment, you'll have the knowledge you need to foster more effective interpersonal relationships.

Detailed Employee Personality Assessments

You will receive a detailed report upon completion of your personality assessment, explaining your behavior type in comprehensive depth. In addition, you'll gain access to observer assessments, which enable you to understand those closest to you in a more meaningful way. You'll also find find links to end user, corporate, associate and private label sites offering additional assessments.

A DISC employee behavior test can take as little as seven minutes to complete and consists of 30 simple questions. The simplicity of the test belies its power--DISC can change lives, simple as that. Use its power to create a more harmonious working environment in your company.