DISC Profile Test

In less than 15 minutes, you can complete a DISC profile test that will lead to a whole new level of self-understanding. DISC stands for "Dominant, Interactive, Steady, Compliant," and you can complete a profile test that will assign you a score for each of those aspects of behavior. By understanding the tendencies that dominate your own personality, you can gain a deeper appreciation of what drives your social relationships.

A DISC profile test is an indispensable tool for anyone whose career success depends upon successful interaction with many disparate personality types. Based on the work of renowned clinical psychologist Dr. William Marston, a DISC profile test holds the key to creating successful relationships with people with whom you might not otherwise get along. It's little wonder that DISC profiling is extensively used by corporations and companies looking to enrich and improve the networking and interpersonal skills of their employees.

Take a DISC Profile Test

Beyond applications in the business world, a DISC assessment can also help improve your social relationships with both friends and romantic partners. When you begin a test, you'll be asked to choose a focus: work, social or family. The analysis you'll be provided with will detail how your dominant behavior pattern affects people in your given focus and will help you understand how to get the most out of people in every aspect of your life.

The life-changing power of this simple test is only a few minutes away. As an added bonus, you'll also receive ongoing access to observer assessment tools that can help you learn more about the key people in your life.