DISC Personality Tests

You can access DISC personality tests and get a comprehensive analysis for a low one-time cost. Renowned for their accuracy and life-changing power, DISC personality tests aim to help you understand where you sit on Dr. William Marston's famous spectrum. DISC is an acronym for "Dominant, Interactive, Steady, Compliant," which founding father Dr. Marston held to be the four basic human behavioral patterns.

In just minutes, you can take advantage of a low-cost package that includes:

  • DISC personality tests focused on your work life, social life or family life
  • A detailed, personalized assessment of your test results
  • Ongoing access to our observer assessment feature, which allows you to understand the people around you better
  • An eGraph, which uses color coding to track how others see and interact with you
  • A complimentary eBook

DISC Personality Tests Help You Take Control of Your Relationships

Imagine how much more successful you could be in your career if you knew instantly how to bridge the personality gaps that might otherwise prevent you from forming business partnerships and relationships with certain personality types. The same goes for your romantic, social and family life. DISC personality tests promote both self-understanding and a heightened sensitivity to the needs of others.

Gain command of your social life by completing a DISC assessment today. The test can take as little as seven minutes to complete--seven minutes that might change your life. Put the power of proven psychology to work in your life, and enjoy the benefits of a deeper understanding of what makes you tick.