DISC Behavioral Profile

A DISC behavioral profile is a powerful tool of self-understanding. Drawing on the influential work of famous psychologist Dr. William Marston, a DISC test aims to help you understand the factors that guide your interactions with work associates, friends and romantic partners, as well as family members. By understanding the personality similarities and differences that make it easy for you to interact with some people yet nearly impossible to get along with others, you can reshape your personal social landscape to create more harmonious relationships.

Your behavioral profile will ask you to select an area of your life to focus on, be it work, your social relationships or your family. Then, you will complete a set of 30 questions, choosing adjectives from focused lists that describe you the most and the least. It takes as little as seven minutes to complete a DISC behavioral profile, yet the insights you gain can change your life.

Your DISC Behavioral Profile Gives You Powerful Social Tools

Imagine the transformative power that self-understanding can bring to business relationships. If your career thrives upon successful networking and interacting, yet you find there are certain personality types you just don't mesh with, a DISC behavioral profile can teach you why. Armed with that knowledge, you'll learn how to approach people on their own terms, leading to more productive and harmonious results.

Included as part of your DISC behavioral profile are several added bonuses, including an online report that explains your test results in meticulous depth and detail. You'll also enjoy 30 days of no-cost observer assessments, as well as a color-coded graph that will track the way the varying DISC personality types see, approach and interact with you. It's all available for a low one-time cost, so why wait to change your life?