Career Personality Profile

If you've been wondering how a career personality profile might improve your professional fortunes, consider the power of an online DISC assessment. An acronym for Dominant, Interactive, Steady, Compliant, a DISC personality profile helps you understand which of those four basic behavior patterns are most and least prevalent in you. The science behind the DISC system holds that people engage in predictable patterns of behavior that, once understood, can be shaped to further your career and personal goals.

A DISC personality profile can help you find answers to important questions that define and guide your interpersonal relationships. You've surely noticed over the course of your life that you seem to connect instantly with certain people, while you just can't seem to find common ground with others. If the success of your career depends upon your ability to bridge the gap between yourself and people you don't instantly click with, a DISC personality profile can bring you the understanding you need. You'll learn how to approach others on their own terms, establishing an instant rapport with just about anyone.

More Than Just a Career Personality Profile

A DISC online assessment can be focused in one of three ways, all of which enrich and invigorate your ability to interact with all kinds of different people:

  • a career personality profile for better networking skills
  • a family focus to bring more harmony to your household
  • a social focus to help you understand your romantic and personal relationships

In as little as seven minutes, you can complete the simple DISC personality profile online. Simply answer 30 questions about your personality by choosing adjectives that best and least describe your personality. Then, you'll receive an in-depth, personalized assessment, as well as tools to help you understand the people around you better. Take the test today--it can change your life.