Career Personality Assessment

Getting a career personality assessment helps you understand how you relate to other people. A DISC profile can give your networking skills a boost and aid you in building rapport with fellow employees, associates and partners. The psychological theory behind the DISC system holds that everyone has a dominant behavior type--one of Dominant, Interactive, Steady or Compliant.

You can take a career personality assessment test in less than 15 minutes. It's a quarter-hour investment that might change your life--the results of your test will help you discover which of the four behavior patterns best describes you. From there, you'll receive an in-depth individual analysis, which will detail your style of interacting with others. You'll learn how to shape your approach to forming new relationships and managing existing ones to ensure you get the most out of everyone you meet.

A Career Personality Assessment that Can Translate into Greater Success

Imagine what it would do for your career if you could instantly get along with just about anyone. Your DISC personality assessment will show you concrete, tangible ways to improve your relationships with people with whom you may not otherwise get along. In addition, you can take DISC assessments focused on other areas of your life beyond your career, including your social life and family life.

For a one-time low enrollment cost, you get a detailed analysis of your DISC test results, ongoing access to observer assessments and much more. Take command of your career, your friendships, your romantic relationships and your life. Understand yourself and those around you better--use DISC personality profiling to unlock your path to more rewarding relationships.