Behavioral Assessments

Based on the groundbreaking work of Harvard-educated psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC behavioral assessments are a powerful route to self-discovery. DISC theory holds that there are four basic, predictable behavior patterns observed in human beings. Understanding them can translate into heightened professional success and more rewarding social relationships.

"DISC" is an acronym for Dominant, Interactive, Steady, Compliant. The science behind DISC behavioral assessments holds that all people possess these four basic behavioral qualities to differing degrees. Understanding where you--and others--fall on the DISC spectrum gives you powerful social tools, so that you can tailor your social interactions to bridge the gaps between differing personality types.

Behavioral Assessments Can Lead to Greater Professional Success

If you interact with people on a daily basis in your career, and especially if your success is tied directly to networking and successful interaction, a DISC behavioral assessment can help elevate your career prospects. You can, in as little as 10 minutes, be on your way to receiving a detailed behavior profile that highlights important aspects of your personality and illustrates how to put them to work in your daily life. You'll soon see how to modify your behavior to win the confidence of people you might not otherwise have hit it off with.

Your complete assessment package also includes 30-day access to observer assessment tools, so that you can evaluate the DISC tendencies of other people in your life. DISC assessments can be oriented to focus on your work life, social life and family life. You can improve all areas of your life through DISC profiling--put its power to work in your life today.