360 Assessments

If you've ever wondered why it is that you have an instant rapport with some people, yet just don't mesh with others, DISC 360 assessments provide answers. Based on the clinical psychology of the Harvard-educated, world-renowned Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC 360 assessments tap into the predictable behavior patterns that define your approach to social interaction. They help you understand how you relate to others and why others react to you in the ways that they do.

As a result, DISC 360 assessments can be enormously powerful tools, promoting better interpersonal relationships. Of particular value to people whose careers require attuned interpersonal skills, a DISC 360 assessment fosters a deeper, more reliable means of guaranteeing you'll find common ground even with wildly different personality types. You'll see the results in every facet of your life.

DISC 360 Assessments that Take Just Minutes to Complete

You can complete your DISC 360 assessment in as little as seven minutes. As part of your complete DISC package, you'll be forwarded a detailed analysis of your behavioral patterns, written by a team of psychological experts. Together with the ongoing tools members receive, which include ongoing access to observer assessments and color-coded graphs that create a visual map of your social interaction habits, you'll achieve a new level of self-understanding.

Take advantage of the power of DISC assessments for a one-time, all-inclusive low price. The power to reshape your life is in your hands--take advantage of it, and enjoy social enrichment that can lead to greater personal and professional success.